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Congratulations!  You and your historical team have discovered one of the oldest African-American schools in Blackville, South Carolina.  As you look through the school you discover a journal tucked away behind a bookshelf.  The last entry is dated March 26, 1910 and was written by a young African-American student named Thomas.  According to the journal, Thomas is just three months away from graduating school and wants to become a lawyer.  However, he is doubtful he will reach this goal due to segregation. He explains how hard it has been to get an education.  Thomas's first school was burned down and he wasn't able to return to school until a year later due to financial struggles at home.  He is troubled as to whether he can afford college and if he has what it takes since no one in his family has ever received a formal education. However, his teacher has told him that there are colleges for African-American students right in South Carolina. He ends the letter hopeful stating that he will look into a school that will meet his needs and will be very "close to home".  

Your task will be to research the eight colleges in South Carolina that would have been available to Thomas.  

  • Where were these colleges located?  
  • Who founded these colleges?  
  • What challenges did these founders face after Reconstruction?   
  • Can you predict the college or university that would have been "closest to home" for our young student?  

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