World of Manga



You will be required to finish 3 tasks, within the next month, dealing with the topic of Manga.

1. Your first task will be to answer the following questions:
  1. What is the reason behind the exaggerated/large eyes in manga?
  2. Why has the manga become so popular in Japan compared to a comic in the US?
  3. What is more "child oriented" a manga or a comic?
  4. How many copies need to be sold on average in Japan for it to be considered a bestseller? Is it more or less than in other countries?
  5. What is the difference in how is fast movement expressed between manga and comic?
  6. What is manpu? give few examples
  7. What is believed to be the first "manga" in Japan?
2. Your second task is to write a short essay (aproximately 1 page) in MLA format. In the essay, you will express your opinion on manga in general. Do you like it or not and why? Do you prefer manga to comic or the other way around and why? etc. 
  • If you have never read a manga before then visit the webpage provided below and choose any manga you want to get a picture of how the manga looks like, how it is written or what the genres covered in manga are.
  • If you have never read a comic before then either visit the webpage provided below or borrow one in a library or from a friend to get a feel of how it is written, the artwork etc.
  • If you have never read neither manga nor comic then visit the webpages provided and get a feel for both types of "literature".
If you are NOT familiar  with both manga and comic to be able to write about what is asked of you then your task will be to write a comparison essay where you will compare manga and comic in terms of artwork, genres, layout on a page, elements which are specific to either of  them etc.

3. Your final task will be to create 2 pages of your own manga in a group of 2 or 3 people. 
  • Every page must contain at least some distinctive features typical for manga and with a minimum of 4 panels. 
  • Quality of the artwork is not the main  criterium, it will simply provide the group with bonus points which might help if some other part is lacking.
  • It doesnt  matter if the characters will not look like humans, just make sure the artwork contains the distinctive  features a manga should have.



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