The United States and Westward Expansion



You will need to prepare for your trip across the west to Washington. You will be in a group of 4 people; each person will have a job of preparing for the trip.

Together with your group, you will each study different parts of westward migration: You will need to research what supplies you will need for the trip, how long the trip will take, how far you will travel, and how to prepare for any difficulties you may come across, such as food shortage, weather, Native Americans, wild animals, etc.

After you have gathered all your research, your group will be creating a travelers' journal that you will present to the class considering the following information;

What it was like and what you saw traveling on the Oregon trail,  the difficulties that you came across, and what you needed to bring for survival on the trip.

The journal should be written in a journal format such as, "Dear Journal...it is day 6 of our journey,today we ran into a bear..."

Be creative as possible and have fun!

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