Why is panda a China's national treasure?



1.大熊猫有哪些特征? 袋鼠有什么特征? (What characteristics do pandas have? How about Kangaroos?)   

2.为什么大熊猫是中国的国宝? 袋鼠是澳洲的国宝吗? (Why is panda a China’s national treasure? Is Kangaroo the national animal of Australian? )

3.为什么大熊猫 是友谊象征? 袋鼠象征什么?  (Why Panda represent friendship?  Does Kangaroo have the similar meaning? )

4. 怎么画熊猫? 学画一副国画熊猫(How to paint  Pandas? Learn to paint a Chinese painting of panda)

5. “功夫熊猫”讲了什么? (What does the movie “KongFu Panda” talks about? )

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