Comparing plant and animal cells



Upon completion of this WebQuest you will create a poster that compares and contrasts plant and animal cells. When creating your poster you have the option of designing a Venn diagram, a chart, or diagram.

If you choose to complete a Venn diagram you must have at least four points for each of the three categories. This means that you must list at least four distinctive characteristics of plant cells. You must then do the same for animal cells. Finally, you must also list at least four characteristics that the two types of cells share.

If you choose to do a chart you must organize the chart into three categories. You must have a category for plant cells and also a category for animal cells. In addition, you should include a category describing the similarities between the two. As with the Venn diagram, you must make sure that you have a minimum of four characteristics in each category.

If you choose to do a diagram to depict the similarities and differences between plant and animal cells you must make sure that the visual depicts at least four characteristics of plant cells and four characteristics of animal cells. You must also make sure that the visual depicts at least four similarities between the two.

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