Mesopotamia: The Cradle of Civilization



Having worked your way up the game design ladder at a top game company, you have been assigned the task of making sure the studios new AAA game set in Ancient Mesopotamia is factually correct. 

  1. It is your job to create the in game encyclopedia entries that inform the gamer about interesting facts about the tools, people, and places/artifacts they encounter. 
  2. Your boss has asked you to get at least three of these 500 word entries into him by the end of the next week covering each of the three topics
  3. Visuals and dates are important, so when you turn in your pieces you need to make sure and include graphics and dates to enhance the authenticity of your entries. 
  4. Remember this is for a game, so make sure and include fun and interesting details that encourage the players to read your hard work!
  5. Finally, make sure and reference your work!  You never know who might be playing the game, so you want to make sure you can back up where you got your information.

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