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Hip Hop originally developed as a male dominate genre. As it progressed, the lyrics and visuals became more explicit. Thus creating what is known today as Gansta Rap. This type of rap has created a sub culture of violence and misogyny.

 The  four(4) major elements that distinguished rap in it’s infancy, are still distinguishing features today.

They are: 
Disc Jockeying or a DJ

Break dancing

Emceeing or an MC

Graffiti art


It will be your job to research each of the origins of these four elements, and how the progression of the lyrics promoted the misogynistic elements that are found in rap today.


1. Research the roots of hip hop

Hip Hop's Radical Roots


The Orgins of Rap and Hip Hop Music


African Research Project


Caribbean Roots


Zulu Nation: From Gang To Glory


Urban Dictionary - Comprehensive Dictionary of Hip Hop and Urban Culture

2.Research each of the four(4) elements and find the common elements of each that influences the Hip Hop culture of today.

3. Examine the lyrics and discuss the message/social issues contained in the music

4. Examine the depiction of women in the hip hop culture.

5. Create a video on your findings, and what you would do to change the way hip hop depicts women.

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