Technology Training Day

Confidential Student Survey and Communication Setup


Directions: Please read through this entire set of instructions BEFORE you start.  Once you finish reading all the steps, go back to Step #1 and start working.   Please complete all the steps below by the end of class today. If you need help with anything,raise your hand and ask.  You have 25 minutes to complete.

Step #1:  Join Remind101 Groups (10 pts)
Please join this class Remind Alerts for information and homework reminders. It is required you join, I will check off your name in my list to give you this grade.   On your cell phone, text the code (see whiteboard) to the number 81010.  Also, if you are interested in traveling internationally with me to fun locations around the world, join the Teachers Travel Internationally group too!

Step #2:  Complete an individualized survey (10 pts)
First, take some time to fill out this confidential student survey for me. I do read these, everything helps me understand your needs better!

Step #3: Check your school email (10 pts) 

Login to your school email and check your messages! To check email, go to wakeid.wcpss.net.  Login and look for Outlook.   To get points for this, send ME an email message of greeting at lthrower@wcpss.net or by typing in Laura Thrower.

If you finish early with all the above, do something fun on the laptop!  Like play the Oregon Trail game!  #oldskool #doslove


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