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Your Career Portfolio should include the following:

Part A

Career Choice: Use the YouScience assessment to Choose a career that is of high interest to you. You will use the survey results to research your career and determine the high school and career pathway it will take to attain a degree for your future. Please include the average monthly income for the chosen career in your budget sheet.

Part B

Choosing a College: https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/ 

Choose a college, and go to the school's website to see their high school requirements and the G.P.A. it will take to get into the college. If you have decided not to go to college, explain what it will take to begin working in your profession. (For example: what industry certification would you need?)  It is recommended you start with finding the admissions tab on the college's website and then click on the Freshman Admissions tab. If you search the college website enough, you can usually find the classes and ACT/SAT scores you need. List the required GPA and ACT/SAT score you need to get into the college you chose in your project, and list the total price of attaining your degree from that college. This step will guide you as you go through high school, so you can stay on your career path.

Part C

Resume' - Create a resume' for the position you would like to apply for by using the attached template or a template from your teacher.

Part D

Letter of InterestStudents will use a common template to type a letter of interest for the job of their choice.

Part E

Living Space: Choose an apartment or house in your career salary range. You can find houses online or in Real Estate magazines. Determine the monthly payment and include a picture of your living space in your portfolio.    

Part F

Car: Select a car within your monthly budgetPlease include the price and a picture of your vehicle. Also, include an estimate of your car insurance on your budget sheet.

Part G

Food: Choose a week during the course of a year and create a menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This step will help you budget your groceries. Make healthy choices and list every meal for seven days. Include the total cost of food on the budget for your portfolio.

Part H

Clothing: Choose a wardrobe that is suited for your profession and other clothing you might wear when not working. You can use ads that come in the weekly paper, catalogs, or the Internet. Be sure to include pictures of clothing in your portfolio and include the prices of these items in your budget.

Part I

Odds and Ends: This section of the project is where you will list any items you plan to use for daily living. For example, you can set aside money for the gas, beauty or barber shop, movies, video games, or other items.

Part J

Your Budget: Complete the monthly budget sheet. Make sure to budget correctly so that you can build your savings.

Part K

Written Reflection: At this point, you will reflect on the project and any life lessons you have learned.  

Good luck, and have fun preparing for your future!

                  **On the day of your presentation; 

                    dress appropriately for your career 

                    and bring your completed Career Portfolio.

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