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Ayesha gave her students a reading text about a lifesaver who rescued a young girl from the sea. She made sure students had a task to go with the text. After students finished reading, she asked them to do a role play – one person playing the role of lifesaver, the other person playing a journalist who interviews the lifesaver. When she asked students to do the role play, they told her they didn't feel confident and couldn't speak.

What you feel inappropriate in these instructions?????

Choose which of the following reasons is most likely to have made these students feel unconfined about doing the role play.

 a. The students are shy about speaking.
 b. Ayesha’ instructions for the role play were unclear.
 c. The students hadn't understood the text well enough to do the role play.
 d. Ayesha didn't do a long enough lead in to the text.
 e. The students can’t imagine what it’s like to be a lifesaver.

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