Belarusian Cuisine



Explore the topic using the following questions as a plan:

  1. Does Belarus have its national cuisine? How old are Belarusian cuisine traditions? Find at least 3 adjectives to describe Belarusian cuisine. Name the ways the food is processed (at least 4).
  2. We all like draniki. What other dishes are considered traditional food in Belarus? Make a list.  The minimum number of dishes is 7.
  3. Which dishes from the list have you already tasted and which not? Which ones would you like to taste?
  4. What are the main ingredients of popular Belarusian dishes? Make a list. Compare your list with your classmate's.
  5. If asked by a foreign friend to cook any traditional dish and share the recipe with him or her, which one would you choose? Why?
  6. Prepare a description of the dish and write how to cook it following the plan:
  • a title
  • your name
  • the recipe source
  • ingredients
  • steps of cooking
  • a picture of the dish 

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