Milton S. Hershey: American Chocolate Bar Creator.




You are the newly-hired Hershey's chocolate investigator, ready to start your investigation. Your job is to discover the important aspects of Milton S. Hershey's life. While you are busy discovering the important facts about Milton S. Hershey's life, you will also be discovering what impacts of Milton S. Hershey has had on the Central-Pennsylvania town of Hershey, PA. Lastly, you will uncover the process of how Hershey's products are made.

Websites will be your main tool during this investigation. You will be exploring many websites to discover important facts about Milton S. Hershey's life and his chocolate. As you investigate, you will record specific points about Milton Hershey and his chocolate, on a PowerPoint. When you are done with the PowerPoint, you will print out the handouts and create a flip book, by stapling the handout powerpoint squares together. 

Put your badges on, the investigation starts now!

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