Winter Holidays!



Your teacher has the case of the teacher pox. The teacher pox is when a teacher does not feel like teaching anymore and rely's on the students to step up and teach for them! YOU are now the teacher and will be teaching the class about a specific holiday! 

You will be put into four different groups, each group will be assigned a December Holiday. 

Your goal will be to research your holiday and find out everything that you can about your assigned holiday. You will use the different resources provided to answer the questions about your specific holiday. After your group has researched and answered the questions you will then put all your information together to put on a play that you will present to the class. The play will include all the information you have found throughout your webquest and it will be used as a teaching tool to help inform the other students about the holiday. 

Then as a class we will discuss how the four holidays are similar and different. 

Lastly, it is finally time to celebrate and we will have our around the world party where parts of each holiday that was researched will be celebrated!  

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