Christmas Vacation!



You and a group of 3 other students will be traveling to another country to
celebrate the Christmas holiday.  Your mission is to research what their
traditions are during their holiday season.  You don't want to visit another
country and be surprised at how you will be spending your holiday.  Your
group will need to select a country and research the customs and traditions
associated with Christmas in that country.  You will provide a report to the
class describing the customs of the country, the decorations included in the
celebration of the holiday, and the foods that are eaten during that time. 
Other traditions may also be included in your presentation.  

There are some things to keep in mind:
1.  Some children in your class will know nothing of the countries that you
are visiting, so you will need to INFORM them.
2.  Your audience will also be eager to know what your plans are during
holiday celebrations. 
3.  Your audience should be able to use your ideas if they are ever in the
same situation.
4.  You may share your information as a paper (typed), dramatic play, or
power point presentation.

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