A Tail of Elephants



Now it is time for you to begin your wild adventure on the exploration of Elephants. Each group of 4 students will work together to research all there is to know about the various lifestyles of elephants. Once you and your group have completed your research you will work together to create a website using Live-binder to discuss your findings. After your group has finished creating your website, you will share it with the class. 

Imagine yourself in this situation. 

You are a Social Media Team Leader for the organization Global Sanctuary for Elephants. GSEs mission is to protect, rescue and provide sanctuary for captive elephants worldwide. You have been hired as their social media campaign manager and they have assigned you with the task to promote their mission through a variety of social media platforms including blog posts, Facebook, and Twitter. In order to endorse GSE you must research information about captive elephants and the benefits of their organization and create a website (using Livebinder) in which you will present to the marketing director of the company. Consider counter arguments when creating your post. You have been allotted one hour to write your initial website.  


Livebinder Tutorial

Description: This video will help you and your group get working on your Livebinder taking you step by step.

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