During this unit of enquiry we will be embarking on a rather special activity: Class Government.  The activity will consist inthe undertaking of an electoral campaign, culminating in the election of a class government. The governing group will undertake various responsibilitiesin the class, and also put into practice various projects of their ownchoice. 

Once a week we will hold a class government session where in events of the week will be discussed and/or ideas, observations and so on. Each party will have a stipulated amount of time in which to speak during these sessions.

The lead up to the elections will consist in each group preparing an electoral campaign with the objective of winning the greatest number of votes, there fore becoming the governing party. 

Things to consider for the campaign:

  • Find a name that represents the beliefs of your party.
  • Communicate your party’s intentions clearly via your political propaganda.  Remember to sell your ideas by using positive language, images, etc.
  • Talk about changes that you will make, activities that you will put into practice. 
  • Always make sure that the things you promise are things that are really possible for you to carry out. Don’t say you’ll do things that you can’t or won’t have time to do.
  • Ensure that the presentation of anything you use to advertise your party is of the highest quality as it represents you to your voters.  If it looks like you don’t care about yourwork, will your voters think you care about them? If your advertising looks like a joke, how will people take you seriously?, etc.
  • You may use the board in the corridor to display your propaganda.
  • The dead line for this electoral campaign will be the first of December, following which there will be a day of reflection on the second of December, and finally the voting will take place on the seventh of December.  The winning party will commence their term of office the following Monday.

I very much look forward to hearing all yourproposals and seeing how this project unfolds. With hard work, enthusiasm anddedication I believe that not only will this project be of great benefit to youall in understanding how elections work and the responsibilities involved inoccupying a position of power, but also that it will be great fun. So, withoutfurther ado, let’s get to work!!!

The members of the governing party must:

  • Organize activities, competitions, private classes, etc.
  • Keep the classrooms, corridors, changing rooms, playground, etc. clean and tidy.
  • Give or take away “Tutor Points”.
  • Collaborate with the teaching staff to maintain a good working atmosphere in class and in the different groups.
  • Programme their weekly parliamentary sessions.
  • Accept their role in the giving and taking of criticisms and other opinions expressed during the parliamentary sessions.


For this Unit of enquiry the students will be preparing a Social Science Projectconcerned with the European Union.

Studentswill work in groups to investigate and create a presentation on the subjectthey have been allocated. This will involve organization, group work,investigation and presentation. Finally the groups will present their work tothe remainder of the sixth form.

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