Unit 12: Decolonization & A New World Order


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STEP 1- In Google Drive  Open --> 4th Quarter --> Unit 12 -->CREATE a DOCUMENT and name it MaoChina

STEP 2- Answer the following questions in your MaoChina document on GOOGLE DRIVE.

Source 1:Video- The Great Leap Forward

What was the goal of the Great Leap Forward? 

To obtain this goal what did Mao require of the people? 

What did the party officials do when it came to reporting the production figures of grain? 

What happened to the peasants in regard to food? 

What was the problems arose  due to Mao's advisers being scared to tell him the truth about the Great Leap Forward?

How long did the famine that came out of the Great Leap Forward last?  

How many people are thought to have died from the famine? 

Source 2: Website- The Cultural Revolution
Source 3: Video- The Cultural Revolution  

What had happened to Mao by 1960 as a result of the Great Leap Forward? 

What was Mao's purpose for launching the Cultural Revolution?  

Who did Mao "unleash" with the Cultural Revolution?  

How long did the Cultural Revolution last?  

What were the FOUR OLDS

What was one of the things that Mao got rid in China as a means of controlling what the people believe? 

Why did Mao want to get rid of education in China? 

What did the Red Guard do during those ten years to anyone in authority around them? 

Mao expected the children of the Red Guard to be more loyal to him than to whom? 

Why did Mao have the Red Guard spread out from the cities to the countryside? 

What did Mao do to his rivals at this same time? 

When Mao died, what event signaled the end of the Cultural Revolution? 

*The image on this page is a famous piece of work done by Andy Warhol in 1973.  

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