Alternative Energy Sources



You will be assigned to one group:  Natural Gas executives, Solar Energy Advocates, BioFuel Advocates, or Wind Energy Advocates, Nuclear Power Advocates ,Geothermal Advocates, hydroelectric advocates or hydrogen and fuel cells advocates. 

Each group will develop a public service campaign for their form of energy.  You can make a poster, a brochure or a video. 

Your group will make a 5-  10 minute presentation (no longer) regarding why your group should be funded by  a $500,000 grant from EnergyRUS.  Your presentation must include a visual aid.  It must be relevant to your topic.  You must describe your type of energy, give at least four reasons you think your energy source is the superior to others and the costs involved with your source.

 You will have to be prepared to answer questions from the other groups.  

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