Unit 9: Between The Wars



BIG IDEA/QUESTION:  How did events in the U.S. during the 1920s keep Americans "distracted" from the world?

STEP 1: Open your GOOGLE DRIVE -->3rd Quarter Folder-->Unit 9--> CREATE a DOCUMENT and name it Distractions

STEP 2- You will be working with your GROUP on this activity.  Each group will be responsible for reading, and finding information about DISTRACTIONS  that existed (mostly for Americans) during the decade of the 1920s.  

STEP 4- RESEARCH- Each person will do this part on their own.  Take notes from the RESOURCES that are provided for your group.

Group A- VIDEO: New Culture and READING: All That Jazz

Group B- VIDEO: Nativism & Racism and READING: The Red Scare

Group C- VIDEO: Religion and READING: Monkeys On Trial

Group D- VIDEO: Prohibition and READING: Prohibition

STEP 5- DISCUSS your findings with the GROUP.  Then CREATE an ANSWER to the question using YOUR information/topics.

STEP 6- CREATE a POSTER similar to THIS* to share your ANSWER & INFORMATION 
                   with the REST of the CLASS. 
                 *In place of a question you will have your ANSWER 

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