Many, many, many, many parts of a plant, Sepals, Pistils, Stamens, lots of stuff I could be naming but I want to be fun and educating. You are going to be learning about plant parts, functions, for both male and female plants. Lets get started!!!! As you all know the leaf my favorite uses sunlight to create water and sugar for the plant now you all know a plant is a producer. The flower is the one that brings out the seeds for all you fellows to pick out the seeds. The stem helps the leaves get water and nutrients, this helps the plant to either be a non-vascular or vascular. Roots take in takes in all the nutrients and water from the stem to help the plant grow, like us. The fruit, as you all know protects the seeds, when you wonder why you have seeds in your grapes thats why. For a man plant the reproductive part is a stamen. For a female reproductive part it is a pistil. These cause the seed to fall into the soil and grow again. This is why you see a bunch of plants(: Carbon dioxide also enters the  leaf just so you know, we breathe out carbon dioxide and the leaf sucks it in. Plants help us back by giving us oxygen.

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