The shallowest part of the ocean floor is the contenential shelf. It begins at shorline and slopes under water to a depth of a of about 430 feet.The next part of the ocean floor is the continential slope.It begins at the edge of the continental shelf ,and dives down to depths of more than two miles.The area is coverd with thick layers of mud,sand,and rocks. The contenential rise is the smooth sloping area that connects the steep walls of the continental slope to the bottom of the ocean floor. After the the continental shelf, is the contenential rise. It's coverd with layers of sand, mud, and rocks. The continental rise is the rising part of the ocean. Next, is the abyssal plain. It's covered with sand, mud, and plant and animal remains. the last part of the ocean floor that we're going to name is ocean trenches. They are very deep and simaller to the canyons that we have on land.


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