What do you want to do when you grow up?




First you will pack a suitcase. Since the plane taking you is small, you are only allowed 10 personal items. Everything else will be provided by the Fantasy Island crew. Be sure to take a toothbrush!

Then you will research about a variety of jobs and take notes about the ones you think you would enjoy working at. Remember that some jobs provide goods and others services, but all jobs satisfy someone's needs or wants. We all depend on each other for the things we need and want. You will answer questions about the three jobs you choose.

After looking at the resources listed online you will have an idea of which jobs produce goods and which produce services

Finally you will choose the ONE job you think you want to try out at your stay at Fantasy Island.

You will write a journal entry about a day at work at this job and we will share in class to see what kind of services and goods we are producing in our classroom community and how they are related.




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