水循環:水從何而來?The Water Cycle: Where does the water come from?

成為一個天文學家 To Be An Astronomer



You are inspired by the fabulous work of the famous Hong Kong astronomer, Mr. Lam Chiu-ying. You want to understand more about the earth, especially the water, so as to become an astronomer. You want to know where water comes from as water is something we use every day. You aim at finding out the secret of the water cycle and suggest ways on saving water at home. Let’s continue.

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  • A minor planet named after Mr Lam Chiu-ying
    Description: Description: IN June 2008, the Civil Service received a piece of good news. A minor planet had been named after Lam Chiu-ying, the recently retired Ex-Director of the Hong Kong Observatory. The International Astronomical Union citation referred to Mr Lam’s now-former official position, as well as his efforts in promoting public awareness of climate change. This acknowledgement was not only a compliment to Mr Lam as an individual, but was also a recognition of his official duties and an honour for the Civil Service as well.

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  • Global Warning
    Description: Global warming is accelerating and threatens human survival. It has turned the concept of "sustainable development" into a joke. The origin of this state of affair may be traced back to the past few decades in which human beings have become addicted to concepts such as free market economy and consumerism. Individual interest has been magnified so much that the moral basis on which human society operates has been destroyed. It is high time for us to reflect on what we must do to ensure real human sustainability and development.

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