Microeconomics and You



Food  – from the farm to your plate!

Arizona Standards


Do you know how the lettuce get’s to the grocery store?

Many of the products in the grocery store come from all over the world. They come by truck, train and boats to get to the store. Did you know one of the top crops for Arizona is lettuce? Yuma, Arizona is the winter lettuce capital of the world.


We will review the meaning of supply and demand.

“If the price of a product increases, quantity demanded will decrease and quantity supplied will increase. If the price of a product decreases, quantity demanded will increase and quantity supplied will decrease. The forces of supply and demand determine prices, which are measures of the relative scarcity of different products” (Utah Department of Agriculture, Supply and Demand, p.1).


Supply and Demand Activity

Let’s Begin!

We will review the production of each product so that we can further understand how if there is a problem with production it will affect supply, price and the market.

Lettuce Story - http://www.worldisround.com/articles/322138/photo4.html

Milk Story - http://www.moomilk.com/tour.htm

Eggs Story – Bad Situations for egg production (These conditions 

                    can really affect demand) 


                      Good Situations for egg production


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