The Renaissance in Spain: 15th and 16th Century



Students must form 3 groups. Students have the option of having me (as their teacher) create the groups, or they could choose for themselves which group they would like to belong to.
Group task: Taking the teacher’s role

  1. 1. Analyzed the information provided in this webquest and create a lesson plan for the rest of the class, in which they would include ten (10) questions about the most important points addressed in this webquest about the Spanish Renaissance.
  2. 2. Write down a two page summary including these headings: historical context, literature, art, music, architecture of the Renaissance (the groups are not limited to these heading, they could create their own.) Then, the group must present it to the class.
  3. 3. Create a play for the class in which most of the important characteristics of the Spanish Renaissance are present. For example, a group might choose to create a scene where they can observe the humanistic perspective of this period. Then, they must present the play to the class.

Make sure to read all the directions provided on the Process section of this webquest, which would list the links necessary for the groups to obtain the information and get a clear understanding of the standards for the task, which are label on the Evaluation section of this webquest.  

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