The Southwest Region



     This mission requires you to complete THREE specific tasks:

  •  TASK ONE: Your group will create a 5-day suggested itinerary for the President based on the places that you learned about in the southwest region. There is no budget and and the president may travel throughout your region by any means necessary. You will highlight the many places and things to see that you feel are important and that the President should experience. Be creative! Add pictures, maps, or whatever your group feels will make him want to visit the region.
  • TASK TWO: Your group will construct a poster that displays your region in a colorful and interesting way. This poster will be combined with your oral presentation that will be given at the end of this assignment. The board should include things like maps, descriptions, colorful pictures, drawings, and souvenirs. Let your imagination soar; your poster should be as creative as possible and you should not be afraid to add your own "flair" to what you are doing. Remember, you want Mr. Washington to choose your team, so you really want to sell it!
  • TASK THREE: You will be asked to bring in food products, souvenirs,  and/or music that is particularly unique to the southwest. (Example: for Idaho, which is located in the Western Region, a student may bring in a potato).  If students wish to bring in music instead (Example: the Southeast is particularly known for Country Music) they may bring in a cd or mp3 of songs that will be played as part of their presentation. Every student must bring in something to share with their group poster.

     Most importantly, please remember to have FUN! If you are trying to persuade someone to stay somewhere, they want to see how much enthusiasm you have when you talk about it, and how much creativity and joy you put into creating your final product. If you sell it, they will buy it! Good Luck!

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