Setting Goals, Giving Feedback, & Student Self-Assessment



In this WebQuest, you will learn about goal-setting, providing and receiving feedback as a teacher, and student self-assessment.  These are three important components that will support your assessments (and many other things) in the classroom!  Then, to finish the WebQuest you'll need to:

1. Submit the notes you've taken during your quest.  These are for your own reference, for use in your future classroom!  More information can be found in the Process and Evaluation sections of this WebQuest.
2. Create some artifact that you can use with your future students to accomplish a self-assessment, the setting of a goal, or to elicit feedback from them.  This can be a questionnaire, rubric, form, or some other type of activity.  See the Evaluation section for more information.
3. Give feedback (in the form of your Comments attached to the "Evaluate WebQuest" section you'll complete as part of our assignment this week) to me about how this process was for you—using the best practices you will have learned through the quest!  :)

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