Which Life Would You Choose for Me?



You and your group will work together to learn about the different lifestyles for elephants.  Once you have gone through and learned all you need to know, you group can choose your final presentation. You can create a Public Service Announcement, which is a short commercial, about the lives of elephants and share it with the class. You may also write a news article to present to the class. Lastly, you may choose to create a brochure or a pamphlet to hand out to the class, presenting you new found information to the class.


What is a PSA?

Description: Watch this quick video to learn what a Public Service Announcement is.
Creating a Brochure

Description: Watch this video to learn about creating a brochure with Microsoft Word.
Writing a News Article

Description: Watch this video to get a heads up on what makes a good news article.

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