Power: Hurricane Forces and Their Effect on Structures



Your task is to redesign New Orleans failed levee system to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.  You and your partner will each be given a role and two tasks that you will be in charge of as the leader.  Both members will participate in each task but each person has one leadership responsibility. These roles are:


  • Researcher and Presentation Coordinator::  Your task is to coordinate the research on shapes materials, loads and forces.  From this research your group will be able to decide on the best methods, materials and designs for your structures.  During this time you are in charge of the computer navigation.  You will decide who takes notes and how you will organize your research. The second part of your task is to organize your group's presentation to the city council.  You will decide what your presentation will consist of and who will present which parts.  You are in charge of computer navigation during this task.
  • Design Engineer:  The first part of your task is to decide on the best material, shape and method for your levee design.  You will be in charge of designing your levees, doing any required tasks or further research.  You will be responsible for asking for help from your partner.  You will be required to draft  two levee designs before making a final decision.  You will be the final decision maker on which design you will choose.  During this time you are in charge of computer navigation. The second part of your task will be to create blueprints of all three of your designs as well as a 3D visual of your final design on Google SketchUp.  You will need to be good with computer technology for this task!
  • Both of you will be in charge of making the 3D model of your levee.

 Your end result will consist of:

  • Research notes
  • Two draft blueprints
  • A final design blueprint on paper and digitally represented on Google SketchUp
  • A 3D model of your levee and surrounding area
  • A presentation to City Council


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