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I want you to learn about an issue related to one of the Explore More Web sites. You need to know who is involved, what is involved, why it is an issue, and all its future possibilities. You are going to take that knowledge and create an Explore More newspaper that contains one of the following three articles. You will write a general news article, a human interest article, or an issue article.

In other words, you aregoing to select a topic, identify an issue related to that topic, investigatethe people, information, problems and views related to this topic, and createan article that will let our readers know one of the following:

1. What the topic is.(This is the general news article that introduces the basics of the topic.)

2. Who is involved inthis topic. (This is the human interest article that profiles an expert orstakeholder involved in the topic.)

3. What is an interestingor important issue of this topic. (This is an in-depth investigation of acompelling issue that relates to your topic.)

A few reporting tips:
Remember, the topics are geneticengineering, energy, working landscapes, or water quality. Examples ofsub-topics within each major topic might be cloning, laws or agriculture ingenetic engineering. The issues are the really hot items. They might be"Should cloning be allowed for endangered species?" or "Shouldthe federal government restrict medical research involving genetictesting?" or even "Will genetically engineered crops help or harm theenvironment?"

Use your best reporting skills and look for the facts. Report what istrue and be fair with your coverage of the subject. This is not your opinion, butrather the facts, statistics, and examples you’ve learned in your research.

After you’re donewriting, you’ll have an Explore More News article ready to publish!

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