Imagine that you and two friends, as a team, are reporters and photographers for"Travels to Brazil" magazine. You're in Brazil. The editor asks your team to write about the cities, rivers and water falls, people and culture, the flag, their money, famous landmarks, football,  the Amazon, animals, music, language, government, Carnival and their famous cuisine.


1.  As a reporter, and in the classroom, you will  write a report about half a page long.  It cannot be copied from the Internet, it should be in your own words.  In your report, written in the form of a paragraph, you must include 3 facts and  one thing that you found interesting.  In the classroom, you and your team will check for spelling mistakes, periods and make a final copy. 

The only writing you have to do at home is the Informational Report.  You will use the Informational Report found at the bottom.

2.  Since you are also a photographer,  at home, you should also download pictures of the places and things you will visit on your trip.  If you cannot download pictures, you can draw them yourself using colors,  or markers.

3.  In the classroom, later this week and next week, you and your team will  continue your investigation and create a power point presentation  to show what you have learned.

Along with the power point presentation, you should also show what you have learned in one of the following ways:

  • a clay or cardboard model
  • a magazine with all your information along with pictures or drawings
  • a poster
  • a dance with Brazilian music
  • be creative, think of a new way to show what you have learned.

4.  You will also present your findings to other students in the school who will come to our room to learn about Brazil.




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