Tools of the Trade! Day Jobs in Colonial America



1)You will learn how to log on to the internet using your usernames and passwords. 

2)You will be introduced to 3 different websites that highlight trades during colonial times.

3)Building upon information learned in class, you will select a trade from a website. 

4)Research your trade thoroughly.  Look for descriptions of your trade, how it was performed, what training was needed.  Also, what types of tools were necessary, how long you had to work everyday, and how your trade fits into your community?

5)Have fun exploring your websites.  Look for informative images (that is, images that portray your trade).  Remember, you are stepping into the shoes of your tradesmen.  Combine descriptions with pictures to give the best overall view of your trade.

6)Share your findings with fellow students.  Posters can be a fun way to share information. 

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