Culture Shock! Business in China



Feeling a bit inspired, your boss go out of his way to obtain a set of resources, independent quizzes and articles on Chinese culture and business before your plane ride. These sources are beneficial to help you become more knowledgable of the topic at hand, as well as helping you get along with your future business associates and clients, even impressing them with your knowledge of their culture.


Use all the tools given in this webquest to help further your understanding on this topic. You should be able to tell between a staple in chinese business and a forbidden gesture. Once you feel you understand the true elements of Chinese culture do some independent study to test yourself. This includes:


1) Write out a small quiz and ask an individual to test you on it.

2) Discuss with a counterpart knowledgable in Chinese etiquette about your knowledge and observe what he or she has to comment.


Remember to always be prepared when stepping foot into unknown territory. By studying on the central aspects of Chinese culture, you should be prepared to encounter any and all problems that may be faced in the boardroom.


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