Habitat Adventure



Each explorer in your group will be researching one habitat.  There are five habits; desert, rainforest, wetlands, grasslands, and tundra, please label who researched which one.

Everyone must find information about:
1) At least five characteristics about the habitat and at least one picture of it
2) Pick one animal in your habitat and explain why it needs to live there and how change in the habitat would affect it.
3) Pick one plant in your habitat and explain how it thrives there and how change would affect it.
4) Teach your group members about the information that you found.
5) Present to the by Text-Enhance" href="#" in_rurl="http://i.trkjmp.com/click?v=VVM6MzYxMzI6MjE1NTpjbGFzczpiMTgzMWJlMjY1NWI2YmNiYzM1NWVhMDllNzY0NTcwMzp6LTEwNDEtMTA3NTUzOnp1bmFsLmNvbTo0MTIwNjpiODhkYzQ0NDU5ODk0OTcxZDMwYzVhYjg0MjhlZDk3MQ">class the information that your group learned.

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