The Alchemist - A Personal Journey



The Strait of Gibraltar, From Spain to Morocco


After reading The Alchemist and completing tasks of research and reflection, you will create an audio/visual presentation demonstrating how your life journey is similar to that of Santiago's journey.  Using Movie Maker, create a three-minute movie by compiling your research, your voice and your reflections to tell one cohesive story.  Your final project will tell your story, highlighting your purpose, your goals for the future and your reflections on how your past experiences have shaped you.


Your Project Must Include:


1.  Pictures and or video captured during your WebQuest research

2.  Your voice as narrator

3.  Music that reflects the mood of your presentation, or the setting in the story

4.  Your original writing (i.e. titles, captions, poetry, narration, etc.)

5.  Reflections on your personal goals and purposes for your future

6.  Reflections on Santiago's journey and how it relates to you


To view a sample project, go to the JJohnson fold on the S: drive and open The Alchemist Movie.



 I can't wait to experience your story!




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