Language Development: What Speech Pathologists need to Know about Second Language Development and Acquisition


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This webquest is composed of two tasks. Below is a brief overview of the requirements of this webquest. More details will be given in the Process section:

Task 1: Second Language Acquisition and its stages

     Your task is to explore information about second language acquisition presented in the web literature. Key questions for this task include:
      1. What is second language acquisition?
      2. What are the stages of second language acquisition?
      3. How are these stages like the first language development?
      4. How are they different? 

Task 2: Relating First and Second Language Development to You:

     Since you have prior course work in first language development, now is the time to put that prior knowledge to use to create your understandings of first and second language development.  You will use your notes, as well as any information provided within this webquest, to help you reflect on these issues as they relate to your field of study. You will produce a language development glogster that answers the following questions as they relate to your discipline:

  1. What is first and second language development?
  2. Analyze first and second language development by including thoughts/ opinions and examples. The conclusions reached should be founded upon educational theory.
  3. Discuss & Show similarities and differences between them based upon the educational theory you choose.
  4. Reflect and conclude on first and second language development in regards to the impact on you as a future teacher or speech pathologist.  Why do you need a foundation in this information?
  5. Last, describe concepts and information you would keep and take with you to your own classroom.



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