Controversial Issue Research Project



Controversial Issue Assignment

LIBRARY DATES: 3/07, 3/09& 3/21

 In order to more fully understand the purpose of Synthesis essays on the AP exam, we are going to complete a 3-5 page Research Project.  Each person will be responsible for his or her own research and will have access to the OHS Library Internet Page and use the GALE Resource connection, ProCon.org or Opposing Viewpoints for your research articles. Your third article may come from the internet, NPR, Youtube, a documentary or a book.

                You are responsible for:

                Reading 2 articles + 1 other resource on your topic and take notes. (TOTAL 3 Sources minimum)

                3 + Research Logs  for Juniors/Seniors available on OHS Library Web Page along with screen shot of your article - I will be checking these on March 21

                Copy and paste information you will be taking notes on


                Direct Quotations to be used as CDís in your paper as well as citing of all information within your paper. 

                Facts or CDís are from research while commentary is from your brain.

                3-5 Page paper  in which you evaluate the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of a policy and use evidence to convince authority of change. (You must address both sides of your issue)

                 Web site evaluation on your topic if you do not use a source from the above list.

                Work Cited accurately using MLA Standards (Easybib is best) - no exceptions - if it is wrong it is a zero!!!

I will deduct points if there is not a thesis or a topic sentence in each body paragraph and if there is not a transition from one topic to the next.

You will work productively in the library.  The entire project should be able to be completed by Thursday, March 24, 2016 which is the end of the 3rd quarter.  All papers will be checked for plagiarism and will receive a ZERO if there is any copying of otherís ideas.

                                                                        FINAL Draft due:  Thursday, March 24, 2016

1.        Reading 3 articles on your topic and taking notes using the Research Logs

2.       Title Page according to MLA standards

3.       3 -5 page paper that is an argumentative/persuasive essay using evidence you have gathered and presenting your argument on the information as well as the opposing side with citations within your paper whereby you convince your audience that your recommendation is logical, desirable, appropriate, feasible.

4.       Work Cited (alphabetized, following MLA standards Ė use  EasyBib) The Work Cited page is sacrosanct and mistakes will be considered not following directions and receive a 0 (zero). There must be a hanging indent for each reference and it must be double spaced without double spacing between each reference.  The references must be alphabetized.

Hard copies of the title page, essay and work cited are due on March 24 - NO EXCEPTIONS - you need to SHARE your Research Logs and annotated text with me on pleaseprintmrslee@gmail.com



Web Link
NPR.org America's Richest Political Activists Pour Money Into SuperPACs
Description: 18

  • Topics
    Description: Here is the list of topics you will choose from.

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  • Child Trafficking
    Description: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/07/opinion/slavery-isnt-a-thing-of-the-past.html?_r=0 http://www.unicefusa.org/mission/protect/trafficking

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