Shakespeare through time



In your groups assign one student to each task below. 


1. Rewrite Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. How would you end it?



2. Write an article on one of William Shakespeare's family. Be sure to include details, how they know Wiliam, and why this person is important.



3. Write an article about a major event in Shakespeare's life.. Be sure to include details, people, places, the significance of this event, and include your opinion and/or analysis.



4. Compare two of his works. What are the observable traits of his works? Tell something abut the main characters and how they play a part in his works? 



5. Write about the time period Shakespeare lived in.  Be sure to include any major historical events, social norms, beliefs, the government, etc.  Explore two specific events that would have affected his writing.






*Remember this assigment is to be informed about  William Shakespeare .  Be sure your articles are detailed, creative, and grammatically correct!  Your articles must also include a title, date, and location.  Follow the format of a magazine or newspaper for the written aspect.  Please be sure to cite quotes directly taken from another source.  Each group will briefly present their article in class the day they are due. Good luck!

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