The Civil War - A Nation Divided



Over the next 2-3 weeks, you will be expected to complete several tasks as you learn about the Civil War. Some of these tasks will be completed by yourself, and for some of them you will work with a partner or as part of a group.

Task 1)
You will visit two websites about slavery and the Underground Railroad. Afterwards, you will write a journal entry about what you have learned.

Task 2)
You will research several different Civil War leaders. You will use the information that you learn to make baseball cards about these leaders.

Task 3)
You will work with a group to research one Civil War battle. Your group will create a presentation to teach the rest of the class about your battle.

Task 4)
You will use the information that you have learned about the end of the Civil War to write a diary entry from the perspective of a Northerner or a Southerner after the war was over.

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