The National Road: Pennsylvania



You and your classmates have just been assigned the task of teaching your community’s local history to the general public.  In order to do this, you will create an informational brochure that describes and illustrates interesting facts.  You will work in groups to explore the history of the National Road in Pennsylvania: its importance to the development of our country, the historical landmarks and towns along the road, its location, the scenic attractions of the road, and some famous people who are connected with the road.  Use the following questions to guide you in your research:

1. What is The National Road?

2. Why is The National Road important to America?

3. When was The National Road built?

4. Where is The National Road located in southwestern Pennsylvania?

5. What sites can I see along The National Road? (historical towns, historical landmarks, scenic attractions)

6.  What famous people were connected to The National Road? (those who helped develop the idea of the road and those who traveled the road)

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