During this mission, we need you to help with several tasks.

Mission 1:  You need to find out who Aesop was by completing the Bio Form listed on the Resource Link.

Mission 2 and 3:  This next task will take a little longer to complete.  You will need to read at least 10 fables listed on the websites or in the library.

Mission 4:  Next you will need to identify the parts of a fable.  Then complete the Elements of a Fable assignment using Kidspiration or another graphic organizer. 

Mission 5:  This fourth task is several parts.  The first part of the task requires you to choose one fable.  Next, you will be rewriting this fable as a script to perform.  Finally, using the photos from your performance, you will create a digital story.

Mission 6:  Your last task will be to write your own fable using the knowledge you have gained on this journey.

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