Social and Economic Scales-- Where Do You Stand?



For this assignment, students are go to to the Political Compass website (which will be expanded on in "Process") and complete the test. The test takes anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes and shows the results at the end. From those results, the students are to analyze their placement on the compass, such as telling the reader why they think they're there, define their placement, and so on. 

The paper itself will be at least 1.5 pages, Times New Roman '12 or Calibri '11, double-spaced;  an APA reference page is to be included  (Wikipedia is not a valid reference).  In-text citations, in APA, are required as well. Along with the paper, a print-out of the compass (or a to scale drawing) must be attached. 

Ifyou have any question about APA, this is a fantastic resource that's readilyavailable.

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