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In this webquest, you and your group will investigate the cost of living as an adult.   Your group will be assigned a job and given the hourly salary of that job.   Each of the jobs assigned to the different groups will have different educational requirements and salaries.  Once assigned the job, your group will break in to different roles to determine a budget, find an apartment and the furnishings needed for your apartment, find transportation and costs associated with having a car,  buy groceries and put aside money for savings and other expenses. 

At the end of your webquest, your group will present your findings in either a PowerPoint or poster board presentation.  Each member will present the requirements for their role and discuss the impact of the assigned job and its budget implications for their role in the group.  After all the groups have presented, you will need to reflect on the process: was it easier or harder to stay within a budget than you had imagined, did you wish your job made more money and how could you change that, did you notice a trend in terms of education/training and the salaries of different jobs. 

Good luck!

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