Leprechaun in Late Winter/Irish Folklore



Congratulations! You have decided to join Jack and Annie on this great adventure!

Your group's job is to read Leprechaun in Late Winter by Mary Pope Osborne.  Read more about the Magic Tree House books at:


Each group member will have a special job to do while reading this book. Before you begin reading Leprechaun in Late Winter, decide which group member will do each job. The jobs are:

Class Connector--How is this book like real life? Find a way to connect something you read about in the story to something you already know. Can you connect it to: Something that happened in your life? Something that happened in another book you read? Something that you learned about? This comparison guide may help you connect the story to your life.


Literary Luminary--Luminary means light. Your job is to let an interesting part of the story shine, so others can hear about it. Choose one passage to read and talk about. What makes this passage interesting?
Picture Painter--Your is to create pictures to help other students understand the chapter you just read. Think about characters, setting and plot when choosing parts of the story to illustrate.
Super Summarizer--Your job as the Super Summarizer is to let everyone know what the story is mostly about.  At the end of each day's reading, you will be using your own words to write about the main idea of the chapter you just read.
Word Wizard--Your job will be to find 2 interesting, powerful or challenging words in your reading. Find the words' meanings in a dictionary.You can use the classroom dictionary or you can use one of the links below.


Look under the Resources section below to find the Role Sheets for each task.

While you are reading, think about your special job. Each day when you are done reading, you will complete a Role Sheet. The Role Sheet is a place for you to write down notes from the book based on your special job. Finally, you will share what you have learned with your other group members.

Members need to bring the following materials to their group every day:

  1. Leprechauns in Late Winter book
  2. Literature Journals
  3. Role Sheets

After you are finished reading the story, your group will use the Internet and the Magic Tree House book Leprechauns and Irish Folklore to research more about Lady Gregory and the types of Irish fairies. Then you will choose a project to complete and present to the class. The different projects choices are:

Construct a fairy house
Present an Irish fairy tale (in the form of STORYTELLING)
Create a PowerPoint or Prezi about Lady Gregory
Create a diorama of the inside of Hollow Hill
Design a poster about Irish Folklore or Lady Gregory

When you present your project to the class, you should tell the class:

  1. What made this such a good book?
  2. Why I would suggest kids read this book?
  3. What did I learn from this book?

You will also answer these questions in a paragraph. Your paragraph should have at least four sentences.


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