Latin America - You Are There!

What to Write


For all three countries:

1.  Begin each nation with an introductory section (150 word minimum) that kicks off your travels. Pretend here that you are writing while you wait at the airport, or are on the plane as you are heading toward the new country. What do you know before you get there from having read about the place? (You will have done research before travelling - what do you know going into the country?)  What are you looking forward to? What essential information can you pass on to the reader? In this section you must discuss both physical geography and standard of living for the country, including specific examples of each.  Set up the trip in this section!

2.  Your blog must then include one entry for each day (two per country), detailing what you did, where you went, and what you experienced that day.  Each day must contain a minimum of 300 words.  Be descriptive and specific in how you write.  Explain fully and remember the readers are depending on you - they don't know really anything about where you are!

3.  As you did with the introduction, end each country with a brief conclusion as you leave - what lessons/memories will you take with you and what made this country so special? 100 word minimum for each conclusion.

4.  As you format your blog and get it to look just the way you want, be sure that every entry has pictures to display what you experienced and really give this project a realistic feel.

*** It is very important that you understand what your role is in this project, and that you write every word with that position in mind. Always steer the writing toward your specific readers who want to discover with you the places and peoples. This is a lesson in writing with purpose, or understanding tone and voice in writing.  (That also means 1st person and past tense are necessary.)

Lastly, each county is different, and accordingly each section of your blog should be too.  Do not make a carbon copy of how you handle each country and repeat it - that appears lazy and reads as boring.

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