Disability History Week



You will be learning about people with disabilities during the next week. You and three other people will join in researching the issues and history of people with disabilities, design an educational media production to be used during Disability History Week and create an actual Public Service Announcement (PSA) for airing through media outlets in the area. You will be using media-related software such as Quicktime, Movie Maker or Garage Band in the production of your PSA. The PSA is intended to educate and sensitize the public and can be classified into one of the following four categories:
1. IN THE PAST--This PSA is intended to educate the public regarding historical methods of medical treatment, education and institutionalization of people with disabilities.

2. DID YOU KNOW--This PSA is intended to educate the public regarding famous advocates, educators and individuals associated with people with disabilities.


3. IT'S A LAW--This PSA is intended to educate the public regarding legal issues, laws and civil rights issues associated with disability history.

4. DON'T FOGET--This PSA is intended to sensitize the public to the role of people with disabilities within society today.
Each group member must use their research templates to answer questions, take notes, draft a narrative and identify images to help illustrate their PSA. Depending on teacher direction, each member of the group will produce their own individual PSA or play a role in the creation of one group PSA.


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