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Students will travel to 1800 America and explore the America's as it was then and then take a journey to where America starts its journey into a new Country that feels can stand with other countries. Students will explore the cause and effect of the aqcuission of the Louisan Purchase.

This is a five day lesson plan with each day hitting on a specific strand of Social Studies with a particular assignment for students to discuss and finish; some collaboratively others individually.

  1. Students will watch and discuss the great real-estate deal in the history of the United States. Economic discussion along with world economics will be discussed in the acquisition of the Louisiana Purchase. Why did France sell? What was the balance of trade and did it effect the National debt? (Economic Strand)
  2. Students will construct a timeline on historical events and debate about the two points of view in the expansion of America. (American History)
  3. Students will research and discuss the causes and effects the Louisiana Purchase had on America and the natives who lived on the purchased property as well as those who lived outsie of America. What do you thing would have happened if France had not sold property in question? (World History)
  4. Student will reconstruct the voyage/exploration of Lewis and Clark, along with other members of the party. (Geography)
  5. Students will finish out lesson with discussion of the Bill of Rights and whether the Louisiana Purchase violated Provision V in the Bill of Rights. What could have been done differently? (Civics/Governement)











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