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Task 1- You are going to be adopting an insect. In this activity you will pick out an insect and then fill out information on the insect you picked out. Once you have researched all the information required, you will then create a paper craft of your insect containing all three essential parts that an insect has (head, thorax, abdomen). You mush choose between these insects to adopt:  Bumblebee, Butterfly, Ant, Caterpillar, Dragonfly, and Ladybug.

Task 2- In this activity you are going to understand how insects communicate. First, watch the video about how insects communicate with each other. After the video you are then going to create different noise makers for different insects. As you create the noise makers think about how the different sounds are used by the different insects and what those sounds are used for. Your insect choices for this activity are: Cricket, Locust, Praying Mantis, Spittle Bug, Cicada, Bumblebee, Dragonfly, Mosquito, and the Luna Moth.


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