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This month you will generate two, one-page typed reports, each paper describing a famous people from your country.  You will break it down into two, separate, one-paged reports - one per person.  They will be submitted together.  And of course, there's a separate (but included), Works Cited Page of your references.  Your bonus work must be submitted on a separate page from your report; the pictures of your famous people can be on the same page, or one page per person.

Preparing this assignment, you will discover a number of possibilities that can be seen to designate someone as famous.

You can reference "actions/occupations" of your country.

You can search for a variety of possibly occupations/activities such as:

     writers of (your country)
     politicians of (your country)

     military personnel of (your country)

     painters/artists of (your country)

     scientists of (your country)

     inventors of (your country)

     athletes of (your country)
     actors of (your country)
     musicians - singers, composers, of (your country) etc.

You will need to choose famous people, each with different reasons for being famous.  You can choose a writer and an athlete, a singer and a politician, etc. The choices are yours, just make certain that they are differently famous.  Do not choose two athletes (even if the sport is different!), or two writers, two politicians, etc. If you're not certain, check with Sra. Guerra.

There are a number of site links in the Process section of this Webquest.  But do not limit yourself to those.  You can search for: Famous (occupations) of (your country).

As always, your paper must be formatted Times New Roman, 12 pt, double spaced.

DUE DATE:  Friday, December 20th!  Reports are to be submitted through Google Classroom!

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