Una Vacacion



You are to write to your pen pal every two days and it must be typed and revised by me. Then you are to mail them out. When your pen pal writes back to you, you are to keep record of what they tell you and start building on your project. Be creative and design your project however you want. You can use poster boards, make an interview, make a skit about how it would be like if you were to visit the country, or even have a power point. Then you are to present the material to the class so that your classmates can get a full insight of your visit to the country you will or want to visit due to your pen pals responses/letters.  You are not allowed to use google at all EXCEPT for pictures, all information must be provided from yourself and pen pal.

Questions: For example my project is on Cuba! What is it like in Cuba? What are the best touristic places? What does your pen pal like to do for fun? What are the main dishes or recipes?

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